Dance Away Under The Spotlight

It may seem that I have been a bit quiet recently but I have actually been very busy. Looking after my son who is almost 1 year old (cannot believe it!) is a full time job on its own. But I was also shooting a lot of portrait work for clients during 2015 and the beginning of 2016 in both domestic and commercial.

2015 work

On top of that I have been working on my personal project – dance & body symmetry fine art photo series.

It is a collection of different photographs which I worked on with 3 very talented dancers so far: Marjorie Macia, Chanel Cheung and Jen Horvath. As always, my make-up artist working with me on my projects was amazing Marie Lattouf. First two photoshoots were held at CATC Design School studio and the last one with Jen was at my own studio in Rozelle.

Dance is a form of expressing emotions and feelings through movement. The ultimate is capturing this in still form through photography for the viewer and enhance these emotions through the use of perfect lighting. It’s a magical and exciting process and I have added a body symmetry and lines elements in this work also. I love patterns, symmetry and system in my work.

The photos have been submitted to photography competitions: The 2016 NSW/ACT Epson Awards and Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer Awards (Capture Magazine). Will keep you posted how did it go. Chosen photographs will also be exhibited in 220 Creative Space Gallery (Woolloomooloo) in May 2016. Exact day and time will be specified.

The best photographs will be available for sale (limited editions only) once the competitions and exhibition are over. I will keep you posted. Here is a sneak peak to behind the scenes and editing process:

  1. First photoshoot with Marjorie (middle), make-up artist Marie on the left and me on the right:


2. Marjorie warming up for the photoshootIMG_3868.JPG

3. Getting ready… Marie is working her magic with the make-up while I am setting up the stageHTS-marjorie.jpg

4. Behind the scenes of the second photoshoot with Chanel CheungIMG_8105.JPG

5. Improvising with the tapes during the photo session with Jen:IMG_8143.JPG

6. Sneak peak into the editing process:

dance edit.jpg

Stay tuned for more updates about this project!

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