My three awards from The 2016 AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards

! Happy Days !

I am thrilled to have won a total of 3 awards in The 2016 AIPP NSW Epson Professional Photography Awards (AIPP = Australian Institute of Professional Photography):

  • Silver Award in the Illustrative Category
  • Silver with Distinction Award in the Illustrative Category
  • Student Photographer of the Year 2016

I have also qualified for the APPA (AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards).

2016 AIPP NSW Epson Student Photographer of the Year

I am absolutely thrilled to have won these awards in such a prestigious and internationally recognised photography competition and succeed among the best in the photography industry in Australia.

The images are judged on an anonymous basis and there is no special relief for students (the same scoring scale applies for all attendees). Here is the scoring scale:

95 – 100 Gold with Distinction
90 – 94 Gold
85 – 89 Silver with Distinction
80 – 84 Silver
78 – 79 Professional Practice but not quite award standard
70 – 77 Professional Practice Standard
50 – 69 Below professional Practice
The final score of images entered have to exceed 240 in total (for 3 images entered in the Student Category) to qualify for a Student Photographer of the Year.
If you are interested to see these and some more of my images from this project but also work of other very talented emerging photographers please join us at the “(IN)trospective Photography Exhibition” at 220 Creative Space Gallery (220 William Street, Woolloomooloo). The opening will be held on the 29th of April and the exhibition will be open the whole weekend. Please follow my Facebook page for more details about this event: Official invitation will be up in two weeks!
I have to thank the 3 amazing dancers (Marjorie Macia, Jennifer Horvath and Chanel Cheung) who are portrayed in these images and were dedicated to work with me to get the right pose and composition. It was my pleasure to work with you ladies! Big thanks to an amazing make-up artist Marie Lattouf who always works with me on my projects.

© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2013-2016

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