My three awards from The 2016 AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards

! Happy Days !

I am thrilled to have won a total of 3 awards in The 2016 AIPP NSW Epson Professional Photography Awards (AIPP = Australian Institute of Professional Photography):

  • Silver Award in the Illustrative Category
  • Silver with Distinction Award in the Illustrative Category
  • Student Photographer of the Year 2016

I have also qualified for the APPA (AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards).

2016 AIPP NSW Epson Student Photographer of the Year

I am absolutely thrilled to have won these awards in such a prestigious and internationally recognised photography competition and succeed among the best in the photography industry in Australia.

The images are judged on an anonymous basis and there is no special relief for students (the same scoring scale applies for all attendees). Here is the scoring scale:

95 – 100 Gold with Distinction
90 – 94 Gold
85 – 89 Silver with Distinction
80 – 84 Silver
78 – 79 Professional Practice but not quite award standard
70 – 77 Professional Practice Standard
50 – 69 Below professional Practice
The final score of images entered have to exceed 240 in total (for 3 images entered in the Student Category) to qualify for a Student Photographer of the Year.
If you are interested to see these and some more of my images from this project but also work of other very talented emerging photographers please join us at the “(IN)trospective Photography Exhibition” at 220 Creative Space Gallery (220 William Street, Woolloomooloo). The opening will be held on the 29th of April and the exhibition will be open the whole weekend. Please follow my Facebook page for more details about this event: Official invitation will be up in two weeks!
I have to thank the 3 amazing dancers (Marjorie Macia, Jennifer Horvath and Chanel Cheung) who are portrayed in these images and were dedicated to work with me to get the right pose and composition. It was my pleasure to work with you ladies! Big thanks to an amazing make-up artist Marie Lattouf who always works with me on my projects.

© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2013-2016

Dance Away Under The Spotlight

It may seem that I have been a bit quiet recently but I have actually been very busy. Looking after my son who is almost 1 year old (cannot believe it!) is a full time job on its own. But I was also shooting a lot of portrait work for clients during 2015 and the beginning of 2016 in both domestic and commercial.

2015 work

On top of that I have been working on my personal project – dance & body symmetry fine art photo series.

It is a collection of different photographs which I worked on with 3 very talented dancers so far: Marjorie Macia, Chanel Cheung and Jen Horvath. As always, my make-up artist working with me on my projects was amazing Marie Lattouf. First two photoshoots were held at CATC Design School studio and the last one with Jen was at my own studio in Rozelle.

Dance is a form of expressing emotions and feelings through movement. The ultimate is capturing this in still form through photography for the viewer and enhance these emotions through the use of perfect lighting. It’s a magical and exciting process and I have added a body symmetry and lines elements in this work also. I love patterns, symmetry and system in my work.

The photos have been submitted to photography competitions: The 2016 NSW/ACT Epson Awards and Australia’s Top Emerging Photographer Awards (Capture Magazine). Will keep you posted how did it go. Chosen photographs will also be exhibited in 220 Creative Space Gallery (Woolloomooloo) in May 2016. Exact day and time will be specified.

The best photographs will be available for sale (limited editions only) once the competitions and exhibition are over. I will keep you posted. Here is a sneak peak to behind the scenes and editing process:

  1. First photoshoot with Marjorie (middle), make-up artist Marie on the left and me on the right:


2. Marjorie warming up for the photoshootIMG_3868.JPG

3. Getting ready… Marie is working her magic with the make-up while I am setting up the stageHTS-marjorie.jpg

4. Behind the scenes of the second photoshoot with Chanel CheungIMG_8105.JPG

5. Improvising with the tapes during the photo session with Jen:IMG_8143.JPG

6. Sneak peak into the editing process:

dance edit.jpg

Stay tuned for more updates about this project!

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© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2013-2016

Supporting a good cause! MND Research Clinic.

GINA D PHOTO always likes to help a good cause!

MND Charity and HSBC Community Chest held an auction to raise money forMND Research Clinic.

Our studio, GINA D PHOTO helped by donating our full service fee (family photography session including editing) and below you can see the result, photos of this beautiful young family.

MND is a Motor Neurone Disease is an illness that selectively affects motor neurons – the cells that control voluntary muscle activity including speaking, walking, swallowing, and general movement of the body. They are neurodegenerative in nature, and cause increasing disability and, eventually, death.

Visit the website of the MND Research Clinic to find out more and you can also donate to support this important research:



IMG_9404-webs IMG_9405BW-webs IMG_9445-webs

© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2015

Photo Story: Ralph Lauren Girls

This photo story was taken for the Moda Magazine. The styling was inspired by Ralph Lauren fashion.

HMUA: Kerrie Jane Bailey

Models: Tanya Doherty, Chayde Nettle, Simone Grasso

Styling: Moda Magazine








© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2014

Photo Story: Elisa Broli Collection

Last year I have been cooperating with an upcoming designer Elisa Broli who was based in Sydney at that time, but lives mainly in Bangkok and travels the world. Model is Sienna Maill and Styling and MUA was done by Elisa Broli. Photos were taken in my studio in Rozelle (Gina D Photo).

Here are some examples of our work together including behind the scenes photos:

EB S-C (1a)Ps EB-S-C-(135)ws

IMG_8799ws EB S-C (112)S

EB-S-C-(240)ws EB-S-C-(245)ws

EB-S-C-(4)webs EB-S-C-(65)webs

EB-S-C-(227)ws IMG_8929ws

© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2014

How to create a lighting diagram…

Lighting diagrams can be used for many purposes. They allow you to keep track of your lighting set up if you need to recreate the same scenario in the future and can also be used by your assistants to set up a lighting scene that you have in your mind. I am aware of two main websites where you can create a lighting scenario/diagram: & & (here you can also add a comment to your diagram which I find very useful).

I have used Strobox to create my diagram (remark: Online Lighting Diagram Creator and Strobox Community cooperate together in order to offer the photography community the best of both their tools). If you want to give it it go, follow the instructions below:

On the home page click on the Create tab and this will open a new diagram with basic objects (backdrop, subject, flashgun, umbrella and camera). You can choose to clear the diagram above the canvas and start creating your own or simply adjust the given diagram (add/delete objects). To choose new objects place your mouse over the “Lighting Objects’ tab on the left side of the canvas and choose the objects which suit your scenario. There is a disadvantage that you cannot record the distances of the objects from each other, but you can keep those in your notes as the distance is very critical in lighting scenarios. In addition, the light power cannot be logged.


© Gina D Photo Pty Ltd 2014

Bar Contessa – New York City style Cafe/Restaurant in Balmain

I study for Diploma of Photo Imaging at CATC Design School and currently one of my subjects is Light & Lighting. Our main assignment was choose a local café or restaurant and seek permission from the owner to photograph the interior and exterior. The idea of the shoot was to capture the mood and ambiance of the café/restaurant and to make the establishment look at its best (as for an imaginary magazine review). Whilst the subject matter and the composition of the shots was paramount, the use of light and lighting techniques was of the utmost importance.


Choosing the right place:

It was easy to choose a local Café/Restaurant as I have my favourite place – Bar Contessa which is located in Balmain (I live on the boarder of Rozelle and Balmain). It is open 7 days a week from early morning until 3pm, so people go there for breakfast, lunch or just a coffee. The owner and chef is Marco Adoncello who has Italian roots but has travelled the world and his cuisine is a mixture of American and Italian dishes. Lots of products are sourced from friends and family who operate a range of fruit, vegetable and butcher businesses within Sydney. The free range eggs are delivered directly from a farm on the Hawksberry River. Their bread and sweets are delivered fresh every morning from the Luxe Bakery. The restaurant also offers gluten free, vegetarian and organic food to satisfy every customer. Marco & other people working in the restaurant are very friendly, so getting the approval to photograph my assignment at this place was very easy. I have promised to give them the photos for use for their promotional purposes.

Also you can have a look at their website BAR CONTESSA, or go grab some breakfast / lunch / coffee there!

Planning the photoshoot:

After receiving consent from the owner, I started planning my shoot. The entrance of the bar is facing south and it does not get any direct sun throughout the day. I have decided to shoot in the afternoon between 2-3pm because the bar closes at 3pm but it gets lots of light coming in bouncing from the building across the street to ensure there will be sufficient light to shoot. I did not plan to use any lighting as the shooting was planned during the working hours and I did not want to distract the guests or disturb the functioning in any way. I prepared a tripod and monopod to be able to use longer exposure and avoid camera shake. I decided to use my Canon lens 24 – 105mm as that is the widest lens I own. For interior photos I planned to use 24mm (f 11 -18) and for product photography as coffee, food etc. lower f stop – this lens goes down to f4 only. There might be better lens option for food photography but using one lens only gave me a bit of flexibility to change the subject quickly.

On the job:

As agreed with Marco (the owner & chef) I arrived on Sunday afternoon. I ordered a burger which was one of my subjects to shoot (see below) – have to admit it tastes as well as it looks. The plan was to get 3-4 photos for this assignment but I have added a bit more to show more of the work I have done. I used a tripod for the interior photos and the product photographs were taking while hand holding the camera. Even though it could be better to use a tripod, I did not want to attract too much attention & disturb the functionality of the restaurant. Tripod for the interior photographs was not used only to let enough light in due to limited lighting conditions but also to blur some movement (which makes the place look busy and people should not be recognised on such photos unless they agreed to it). I have tried to include guests in the background in some of the food/coffee photographs to make the photos more life, social (photo number 2 and 4 below).

Below are the results including settings. Hope you like them. I would like to thank Marco for the opportunity (and supplying me with different coffees for my shoot, especially the smiley face – Babyccino (Photo Nr.7).

1. Settings: f16, ISO 320, 1/2sec.

1. Settings: f16, ISO 320, 1/2sec.

2. f4, ISO 320, 1/10sec.

2. f4, ISO 320, 1/10sec.

3. Settings: f16, ISO 100, 3.2sec.

3. Settings: f16, ISO 100, 3.2sec.

4. Settings: f4, ISO 640, 1/60sec.

4. Settings: f4, ISO 640, 1/60sec.

5. Settings: f4, ISO 1000, 1/80sec.                                                                                                                                                                                     6. Settings: f4, ISO 400, 1/125sec.

5. Settings: f4, ISO 1000, 1/80sec.                                                                                                                                                                          6. Settings: f4, ISO 400, 1/125sec.

7. Settings: f4, ISO 400, 1/80sec.

7. Settings: f4, ISO 400, 1/80sec.



© Gina D Photo Pty Ltd 2014


Winning photo at DFS Galeria – Spring/Summer 2014 Photography Exhibition

On Thursday, 8 May 2014, my photo “The Forever Magical Opera House” has won the auction at DFS Galeria – Spring/Summer 2014 Photography Exhibition. The theme of the photo was “Wish You Were Here”.



There were 12 finalists chosen from two Sydney colleges and they were all available for biding in the silent auction which took place during the opening event. My photograph has received the highest bid. The article has been published on my school’s blog (CATC Design School):

All final photographs will be on display for next two months on the ground floor of the DFS Galeria (The Rocks, Sydney).

Untitled-2w Untitled-3

© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2014

Photo Story: Bridal Editorial 1

I am currently cooperating with two amazingly talented women: make-up artist Marie Sarkissian Lattouf and hair stylist Ema Milgate on bridal editorial project (photography and styling by Gina J Duckers). The purpose of this project is to create editorial bridal photoshoot presentation of different hair styles, make-up, accessories, dresses and bridal styles. The model on these photos is Julie Myra. Below is the photo story including preparation in the studio and the results of our work. Thank you ladies for amazing day. I am looking forward our future projects (next bridal editorial photoshoot is coming soon – in May).


IMG_1173wsIMG_1187wsIMG_1249wsAnd the result of our work


Untitled-3© All photographs are copyrighted by Gina D Photo (Gina J Duckers) 2014

Activity 11: Exhibition Critique (Visual Communication)

The objective of this activity is to gain experience in critiquing photography.

I have decided to visit an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Australia). The exhibition I visited is called: Volume One: MCA Collection and it is dedicated to exhibiting, collecting and intepreting the work of today’s artists. There is a work from Australian contemporary artists. There are paintings, photographs, sculptures, objects, video’s, text pictures and other interesting work. The purpose of this assignment is to critique a work of photography exhibition. There were four photographers having their work on display – Tim Johnson, Tracey Moffatt, Tom Nicholson and Rafaat Ishak but the two last photographers are displaying their photographs together as a Proposition for a banner.

Description (what is here and what is it about?): each of these three layouts of different authors have completely different style and are placed at different rooms around the exhibition among other artwork. First photographs by Tim Johnson are very small colored prints placed in batches in three frames (one frame includes about 16 photographs – 4×6 inches) and are representing a series of photographs of Papunya which is a small Indigenous Australian community about 240km northwest from Alice Springs in the Northern Territory taken 1982. It shows the life of the community but also includes photographs of the author with the local people. Second series are larger photographs (8x12inches) photographed by Tracey Moffatt in 1977. They are mix of colored and black and white photographs of people in the streets or landscape itself. Some photos are very powerful like the one where people are standing on the street in their nightclothes looking very scared. Since there is no more description to the photographs it is hard to tell where is it from. Each photo is powerful in its composition and objects shown. One of the last photos shows a small crowd of boys where one is approaching the photographer looking very angry, this one really . The third part is represented by work of two artists and was placed in a separate room all around as a banner – and it is called Proposition of a banner march and a black cube hot air baloon and it is a mix of different black and white photographs that’s been developed by both photographers during 2003 – 2012. They refer to hot air ballooning and street protests. They are printed on regular paper and the print is not the best quality. It is referring to a work that may or may not be finally produced so it is not just about the photographs but about the whole project.

My opinion: I really enjoyed the work of Tracey Moffatt as I do like bigger prints where you can see more. This is a bit that for me brings down the work of Tim Johnson. These were just old photographs in small prints of not the best quality nor color, but on the other hand interesting captures. They were very descriptive, they could be also described as ethically evaluative as they show some social aspects of the community life. Work of Tracey Moffatt is also descriptive but definitely interpretative as involves personal point of view to think of the story that might be behind the photographs. It could also be described as ethically evaluative as lots of the photos raise a question about the situation – soldiers standing on a car, girl standing alone in front of a big gate etc. Work of Tom Nicholson and Rafaat is very interesting project but I personally do not enjoy work printed on regular paper even though I understand the approach. They are descriptive but also interpretative in a way of telling a story about the balloon. Because of the protests they are documenting they could be also taken under category ethically evaluative.


© Gina D Photo 2014